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Reiki Practice

Reiki (pronounced “ray key”) is simply an energy healing system used to bring an individual into harmony with the divine perfection of his/her self.  This is done by connecting with the loving, balanced Source of life - whatever you believe that Source to be.   

Reiki can help to address physical and emotional imbalances, by enabling the body and spirit to become harmonized. Reiki works on healing an individual from the root of our physical or mental distress by rebalancing energy within the body to reconnect the mind, body and spirit.

I am a certified Master Level Reiki practitioner and take appointments for remote sessions and limited in-person sessions in the beautiful Wimberley, Texas area during this time.  

Remote sessions are done over the phone or online via Zoom.  If you're not familiar with Zoom, that's okay.  Once you schedule your online service, you will receive a link that you click on at the time we have arranged and boom!  We can both see one another and we connect just as if we were in person.  Reiki accesses the higher power, so it is not necessary to be in close physical proximity when receiving treatment.  It is very effective even at a distance.

Email me at directly or fill out the contact form through the contact page of this website to schedule an appointment.

Rates - 

30 minute Reiki session with consultation - $50

45 minute Reiki session with consultation - $65

1 hour Reiki session with consultation - $80

Payment options:

*Paypal -

*Venmo - bonniemontgomery

*Square - credit or debit card (must be taken securely over the phone)

*Zelle transfer

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